Black Metallers TSJUDER streams new album “Helvegr”.

You are currently viewing Black Metallers TSJUDER streams new album “Helvegr”.

Black Metal legends TSJUDER is now releasing their newest vigorous album “Helvegr”! Their gem released onto this desolate planet via Season of Mist on the 23rd of June, 2023, but can already be listened below.

TSJUDER comments: “Helvegr is raw Norwegian Black Metal. No synthesizers, no wimpy vocals, NO FUCKING COMPROMISES!”

But there’s more! The bonus album “Scandinavian Black Metal Attack” (an special ode to BATHORY), featuring Frederick Melander (ex-BATHORY).

Frederick comments to this special release: “It’s so great to be back to bring you five new evil recordings with Tsjuder, from some of the gruesome material Quorthon, Jonas, and I played when we started Bathory in our dark cold cellar rehearsal room back in 1983.”

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