BENIGHTED reveal cover and album details of ‘Obscene Repressed’

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Extreme French metal outfit BENIGHTED are now unveiling the cover artwork and the track list of their long anticipated new full length ‘Obscene Repressed’. The new death grind offering will see the light on April 10, 2020 via Season of Mist.

Vocalist Julien Truchan comments: ‘We are so happy and proud to show you the official cover of our new album ‘Obscene Repressed’ created by the amazing Grindesign! It’s an insane piece of art, representing the beautiful oedipal love story you will discover within this album.…’

In celebration of the announcement, BENIGHTED released a joyful Christmas poem, which might reveal some extra concept details….Brutal Holidays!


1. Obscene Repressed (2:26)

2. Nails (3:21)

3. Brutus (2:49)

4. The Starving Beast (3:07)

5. Smoke Through The Skull (2:59)

6. Implore The Negative (4:05)

7. Muzzle(2:43)

8. Casual Piece Of Meat (4:04)

9. Scarecrow (2:57)

10. Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way (3:56)

11. Undivided Dismemberment (2:28)

12. Bound To Facial Plague (3:29)

Bonus tracks

13. The Rope (3:04)

14. Get This (1:57) (Slipknot cover)

Total playing time: 43:25

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