BEFORE THE DAWN drop music video for “Chaos Star”.

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Finnish Melodic Death Metal band, BEFORE THE DAWN, have released an official music video for their track “Chaos Star”, cut from the band’s comeback album, “Stormbringers”, released this past June via Napalm Records. The new music video was filmed during the band’s performance at John Smith Rock Festival this summer.

“Chaos Star” immediately draws the listener into an intense soundscape, in which heavy death metal parts interfere with a melancholic, visceral melody and a passionate chorus showcasing Paavo Laapotti’s vocal skills. The music video offers a taste of what to expect this autumn on BEFORE THE DAWN’s tours with WOLFHEART and HINAYANA.

The band comments on the track: “Summer 2023 was the first festivals season for BTD in 11-years and it turned out to be the best ever and we are thrilled to show few glimpses in a form of a video while we are getting ready to start our most extensive tour run so far including 34 shows in Europe from September to end of November. For this glorious adventure we will team up with our label mates HINAYANA and WOLFHEART.”

BEFORE THE DAWN returns with their first new full length studio album since their hiatus – and stronger than ever! The band originated as Finnish Metal Award winning Tuomas Saukkonen’s (WOLFHEART) solo project, but throughout the years, there have been several lineup changes. With the exciting new lineup, the band introduces its biggest changes so far. Previous guitarist and vocalist Saukkonen has moved behind the drums, and talented Voice Of Finland 2022 finalist Paavo Laapotti has taken on all vocalist duties, while SWALLOW THE SUNS’ Juho Räihä – who has been with BEFORE THE DAWN since 2006 – performs lead guitar duties. Now, the Finns have fully transformed into their new power and are ready to reconquer the scene!

The band states on the album: “ ‘Stormbringers’ breaks a silence that lasted over ten years and brings BEFORE THE DAWN back stronger than ever. A decade of gathering strength, growing the hunger and building determination and now it is time for our eighth album to see the light of the day and bring the band back on the road.”

“Stormbringers” track listing:

  1. The Dawn
  2. Destroyer
  3. Reveries
  4. Downhearted
  5. Chains
  6. Divided
  7. The Dark
  8. Chaos Star
  9. The Weight

You can watch the official music video for “Chaos Star” below:

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