CENTINEX released new single and music video for “Armageddon”!

You are currently viewing CENTINEX released new single and music video for “Armageddon”!

CENTINEX started in 1990 as part of the classic Swedish Death Metal movement. They were disbanded in 2005, after releasing eight full-length albums. In 2014 they re-appeared, surprisingly and with a renewed line-up, delivering their comeback album “Redeeming Filth”. The next album was inevitable, not taking another decade to be prepared! Having released “Doomsday Rituals” in 2016, the band played a series of concerts in Europe and North America, before condensing the absolute Swedish barbarism into a new release.

“Death in Pieces”, the third long-term “reunion” album, was released in 2020 and was packed with a strong dose of old school Death Metal, taking the band to a whole new level of intensity.

“The Pestilence” will be available on April 1, 2022 on compact disc, various vinyl versions, cassette and digital recording, all through Agonia Records.

The brand new EP “The Pestilence” presents a slightly different perspective by mixing old Thrash influences and opens a new chapter in the history of the band. Get a taste of it at the following video:

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