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Year: 2020
Total Time: 47:13
Label: AFM Records

A landmark band started in Toronto, Canada in ’78 by childhood friends Steve Lips Kudlow (guitars / vocals) and Robb Reiner (drums) originally as “LIPS.” Then they added Ian Dickson to the bass, and the rest is history. In the footsteps of the great heroes of the NWOBHM scene such as IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD and SAXON they went the extra mile with their incredibly fast playing, for that era, thus creating their own school. Unfortunately, they never met the recognition and success they deserved. Geographical reasons or bad management issues, or bad luck in general, have led the band to a number of ups and downs. But by 2009 they are back on the surface because of the documentary film dedicated to them.

Nevertheless, they are still unstoppable to record until this year’s 18th album please. In general, listening to the album someone can say that they still got a “Forged In Metal” (always) soul on it! Okay the rhythms aren’t running at the dizzying speeds of the past, but their unique Speed ​​Thrashy Old School Metal style manages and remains unchanged.

The sound is pretty good. Also, the mixing and production is balanced. The riffs in ACCEPT and BLACK SABBATH style give and take like a rollercoaster and the lyrics depart from their classical themes, being more sociable. The vocals get the smallest credit because they sound a bit tired but that doesn’t negate the album as a whole to have some soulful moments like “Nabbed In Nebraska”, “Gasoline”, “Glass House”, “Plastic In Paradise” and the personal favorite bonus track “No Time”.

At first I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about this record, but the overall result surprised me positively. I consider it a more mature work, for their own sake, of course always faithful to the old school spirit of the ANVIL. I would say that the album is mainly for “for true fans only”. Let the rest stay if they want, in the golden ages of “Forged in Fire” and “Metal on Metal”!

Βαθμολογία: 5,5/10
Συντάκτης: Nikos Mathiopoulos
Διαδικτυακός Σύνδεσμος:  ANVIL – Official Page

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