AMORPHIS release “Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021)” album & video for “The Bee”.

You are currently viewing AMORPHIS release “Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021)” album & video for “The Bee”.

Finland’s AMORPHIS are chomping at the bit: With their Halo European Tour 2023 as well as highly demanded shows in their home country coming up shortly, the group have released a proper appetizer for those dates in the form of a live opus titled “Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021)”, and before they travel across Europe with SÓLSTAFIR and LOST SOCIETY from October 26th until November 18th, the band have also unveiled another highlight chapter from the special offering which was recorded under different circumstances during the corona pandemic. Get your tickets and enjoy “The Bee”.

The band comments: ” ‘The Bee’ has become one of our most popular songs lately and it’s a killer live track. It was also the first song that we introduced from ‘Queen Of Time’ before releasing the full album back then.”

In 2021, one of the years of the corona pandemic, when the music world was forced into a standstill, AMORPHIS played two streaming concerts at the legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland.

AMORPHIS keyboardist Santeri “Sande” Kallio recalls: “Firstly I thought it would feel like a long soundcheck, but quite contrary it felt pretty close to a real concert. Of course, the band had to take the energy boost only from each other’s playing and rely on the feelings what the songs bring in. Obviously, there was zero support nor energy help from an audience’s side.

Everybody probably agrees that nothing beats performing in front of a live audience, but I think we survived extremely well. One of the good sides was that everybody had to just concentrate on the music and playing 100% thus it simply was a one-shot chance.“

“Queen of Time – Live at Tavastia 2021” track listing:

  1. The Bee
  2. Message in the Amber
  3. Daughter of Hate
  4. The Golden Elk
  5. Wrong Direction
  6. Heart of the Giant
  7. We Accursed
  8. Grain of Sand
  9. Amongst Stars
  10. Pyres on the Coast

You can watch the official live video for “The Bee” below:

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