Finnish/Greek Doom Metal act AEONIAN SORROW release new album “Katara”.

You are currently viewing Finnish/Greek Doom Metal act AEONIAN SORROW release new album “Katara”.

Finnish/Greek Doom Metal collective AEONIAN SORROW, has shared their entire second album “Katara” via No Clean Singing, just one day ahead of the release date, set for today November 1st.

No Clean Singing commented: “It’s an album with its own compelling gravitational force, perhaps most likely to bring fans of MY DYING BRIDE, SWALLOW THE SUN, DAYLIGHT DIES and DRACONIAN within its orbit, but something that all fans of Dark Melodic Metal should appreciate.”

“Katara” was produced, mixed and mastered at Deep Noise Studios in Finland by Saku Moilanen (WOLFHEART, BEFORE THE DAWN, KAUNIS KUOLEMATON, RED MOON ARCHITECT etc…) draws inspiration from the Katara pass, which is a mountain pass in the Pindus mountains in northern Greece.

Cover artwork by Gogo Melone

According to the legend, Katara got its name from a despot who around 1800 set out from Ioannina to go to Trikala city but the bad weather in the area made it so difficult for him that he died on the way and he cursed the mountain. There are many tragic stories written about this pass however “Katara” album is also dedicated in the memory of Georgia and Michail, beloved grandparents of the band’s singer Gogo.

The whole writing-recording process of the album happened across different times and places for reasons that the songwriter Gogo explains very well below: “On a personal level, I’ve been through enough difficult changes in my life that it almost made it impossible to keep myself motivated to complete this album. I said several times that I don’t want to do this and I almost didn’t. What kept me going was the reason I started this band and the promise I gave to the grandmother I lost back in 2020 and said that ‘Katara’ album will be recorded in her memory and her husband’s memory too. It will be done for all the years I spent driving to those scary Katara roads to go see them. It will be done for each song I wrote inside their empty house when they were gone, and I left to watch the walls and nothing more.

On a music level, I think the band has also been through enough and faced the financial critical moments to where we had to take choices, a bit unusual for us, and find ways to make things happen without losing ourselves and our quality. The path to success is full of heavy stones and very lonely so we do what we can and continue writing music from our hearts.”

“Katara” track listing:

  1. Anemos
  2. Elumia
  3. Ashes and Death
  4. Her Torment
  5. Katara
  6. Forbidden Cry
  7. Ikuinen suru

You can listen to “Katara” in its entirety, in the following video:

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