Abduction – Jehanne

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Year: 2020
Total Time: 1:00:47
Label: Finisterian Dead End

     The four “plague doctors” are keen on French tradition and History. Knowing that the word “Jehanne” is the medieval spelling of “Jeanne” which translates in English Joan, ABDUCTION in their third full length album deal with a French heroine which led the French army in victory against English Army in several battles ,exceptionally in Orleans. Later this lady was accused   and sentenced to  to be burned at the stake as a heretic. Yes, we’re talking about Joan of Arc, the famous lady for which many stories have been written and many movies were filmed.

     ABDUCTION in their previous records performed Black Metal with many acoustic passages and interlude and a combination of several motley species, the same thing happens in “Jehanne”. In “Loges Les Dames”, the opening track, starts with an acoustic intro and calm chantings replaced gradually by grim vocals and ruthless drum machine, giving at the same time ,the opportunity for the -essential for this specie- exchange between clean and harsh vocals. This pattern will be the same in the entire record except for “Par Les Flots Jamais Ne Sombre”, where we will hear certain Black Metal, galloping rhythm and hypersonic guitar riffs. At some moments even flamengo elements can be heard but the sound production doesn’t help much the compositions to arise. Drum machine is far too in the front row, overtaking all other instruments and you are struggling to recognize some interesting guitar riffing, thus the excess usage of clean vocals seems to be inappropriate to the concept.

     These French guys have released a record that leads them furthermore, but they are not skyrocketing. If they continue to this direction, giving attention to the details and with hard work,I think they will be able to do it in their next effort. Those of you who are familiar with the French language, will have a good and quality time listening to “Jehanne” and reading the booklet. The rest of you shall listen another variation of Atmospheric, Progressive Black Metal with quite a few interesting elements. Allez, allez ABDUCTION!

Rating: 6.5/10
Editor: Dimos Karadimos
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