A “Netflix for Ηeavy Μetal” (Thunderflix) has launched and it costs $6.66 a month!

You are currently viewing A “Netflix for Ηeavy Μetal” (Thunderflix) has launched and it costs $6.66 a month!

A new video streaming platform has launched, and it’s aimed squarely at heavy metal fans. Thunderflix is available for £6.99/$6.66 per month, and launches with feature-length videos of BLACK SABBATH, AEROSMITH, SLIPKNOT, IRON MAIDEN and many more.

The service has been launched by Samuel Douek, a former marketing coordinator at Nike, who also launched the Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2006. It’s available worldwide (although Russia is currently blocked) via any computer, mobile device or TV with streaming access.

“Film has always been my life’s work, but heavy metal has been in my soul since I was a 6-year-old kid,” Douek tells IndieWire.

Amongst the films available at launch are SLIPKNOT’s “Day Of The Gusano: Live In Mexico”, BLACK SABBATH’s “The End, RAGE AGAINST THE MACINE’s “Live At Finsbury Park”, Bruce Dickinson’s “Scream For Me Sarajavo”, and “Murder In The Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story”, as Thunderflix promises to give fans a mix of “new releases, live performances, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and official content from their favourite artists.”

“I want Thunderflix to be the main library of official concerts and films that have come out in the last 30+ years,” says Douek. “Concerts that only existed on VHS or DVD, even those DVDs we got on the [limited edition] digipaks with bonus concerts or making offs. Add all those past concerts and films, and bring all the stuff that was released through the pandemic – hundreds of streamed shows, some with crazy production like the POWERWOLF, EPICA, and others… plus all the things that will come out in the future.”

“At Thunderflix, we understand the film biz,” say the company. “But most importantly, we’re metalheads. We appreciate metal in all its shapes and forms. From the headbanging riffs of Thrash and Death Metal to the dark and atmospheric passages of Black Metal. We are not afraid to raise our swords to Valhalla.”

Thunderflix also promises to pay more to content creators than platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

As for that $6.66 subscription price point, Douek is happy to explain. “A lot of streaming platforms I was paying [for], might be like $5, $6, $7 every month. I’d like something on my bill that says ‘6-6-6’ every month. We’re metalheads, we know what we want and that number unites us. It’s the perfect number.”


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