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(Emi Finland)

Total Time: 47:00

69 EYES return three years after the release of “Universal Monsters”. This time with “West End”, an album marking their 30th consecutive year as a music band. And more specifically, the “Dark Goth Rock” idiom they represent. So many years have passed and 69 EYES are still here, almost identical and true to their roots, in the GOTH idiom that has more to do with fashion than with the philosophy of life.

This record will not be heard in order to find something new or different. Do not expect 69 EYES’ music to evolve or change drastically. You will hear the same sound you grew up with, a straight forward Goth Rock with Rock / Heavy moments, which contain both the appropriate riffs as also some “darker” sounds. This album contains some fine melodies and dark melancholic energy. A little melancholy as well, maybe because they are now a legendary band in their kind. But this is also a requirement for their work to be somewhat better!

Starting off with the songs, the opening track ‘Two Horns Up”, talks about the Devil and could not be accompanied by a more appropriate guest than Dani Filth of CRADLE OF FILTH. Then, comes “27 and Done”, which is quite catchy, but we aren’t sure if it a big inspiration is needed in order to write a song like that, especially when we talk about this band. And then there’s “Cheyenna”, which is easily the best song in the record and, in essence, you can say it’s Goth like it should be heard in 2019. Unfortunately for the Finnish guys, the good stuff comes to an end. Some mediocre (not bad) but repetitive riffs. It’s not that the rest of this record is bad. It just does not have so many good moments to make you feel this is the real album you were expecting for! It feels like the album stops making sense somewhere around here. The best example of that is “The Last House On The Left”, a totally mediocre and … maybe boring song!

All in all, “69 EYES” with this album want to make you say they are the personification of Goth in 2019. Tired, evergreen? Yes. “True” in a goth that’s not as true as you would want it to be? Also, yes. We want “69 EYES” to be the light in the dark (or maybe the dark in the dark..!) in 2019’s Goth. But this album does not prove exactly that. However, ensure to listen to this record if you are into this sound, especially for some good tracks, such as “Cheyenna”…

Rating: 5.5/10

George Kourouleas

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