Vibrato Techniques in E Minor and Pentatonic Blues Scale

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Hello dear metalheads!

Vibrato is an essential technique to your arsenal of tricks and its your signature on the guitar.

In this new lesson I’m arranging some vibrato technics using the e minor scale and E minor pentatonic blues scale. I’m doing a lot of pull-offs, hammer-ons and slides, using a lot of muting with both hands to avoid unwanted noise!

I start with a slide and then I use a wild vibrato to add some drama to my sound. A very essential tool in your playing is to have pauses on your runs, because this adds a lot of groove at your style! Its better to focus on having a great vibrato than to play only fast scales up and down the neck.

A great run must always end with a great vibrato otherwise you are losing the whole point of the story you want to tell. A great melody or lead using a great vibrato makes the music and your parts so much more interesting and catchy at the same time.

Try to make your vibrato singing and imitate the voice of a great singer, there is a lot of different vibrato techniques and you can always start slow and then speed up your vibrato to be both great in tone and time.

Muting with both hands is extremely needed to make your melodies stand out, while they sound much clearer.

Enjoy and always remember that music is fun and never a competition!

Stay happy and healthy metalheads!!

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