The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic

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Year: 2020
Total time: 54:43
Label: Nuclear Blast

Bjorn Strid (SOILWORK), David Anderson (SOILWORK) and Sharlee D’Angelo (ARCH ENEMY) together with some guest appearances, release an album that travels us back in time and more specifically, back in the ’70s and’ 80s period. “Aeromantic” is an album that has funk, disco, pop and rock elements as also some influence from other music genres of those past decades.

   On vocals, guitars / keyboards and bass, these three artists continue the tradition of this band from where they left off with the previous “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”. The truth is that I’d like to hear the initial discussion behind this project and the way it started by the members of these NWOSDM bands. The logic says that since they grew up in those decades, they wanted to feel the magic of those years. The album is a pure throwback to those decades, having a fancy mood, catchy synths, pop / rock dynamic songs, disco, funk, soul music, AOR, cheesy pop ballads. It has an “erotic” mood, it also has a few prog elements here and there. In some places it resembles KISS, in other parts it brings to mind STYX and also ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA or ABBA, as also many other big names in the music industry.

   The choruses are sticky and catchy, the big (as you now understand) alternations between the music genres tie perfectly with one another, fact that is one of the most difficult things to achieve. The production is clean and you can definitely understand it is a modern one, and every artist does his part to ensure the whole job is done in a good manner. Bjorn’s voice, paradoxically, sticks to the whole project also just fine.

   Do THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA succeed to just have fun or is something more happening here? I’d say the second one feels like it’s the case. With melodies that will stick in your mind, but will also take you back many years, if you are looking for something different, listen to it…

Rating: 6.5/10
Editor: George Kourou
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