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Year: 2022
Total Time: 46.03
Label: Peaceville records

One can say a lot of negative things about SIGH, to mock, to scoff (classic behavior of our tribe), but one cannot, in any case, not admit that they have always been diverse in terms of their soundscapes and always looked how to evolve their sound and to move forward. The twelfth full-length work of Miari Kawashima’s brainchild, finds the Japanese with plenty of fun and a willingness to redefine themselves, but also a penchant for going back to their roots.

 We mustn’t forget that SIGH has always served Black Metal and its darkness. That’s why the opening riff – trademark of the Grand Swiss, “Kuroi Kage”, puts us in the mood and the fear caused by the lack of light and unexpectedness of lack of knowledge. The only sure thing with SIGH is the fact that you don’t know what awaits you around the next corner, what will jump out in front of you, to be caught off guar. For example, “Shoujahitsumetsu” where CRADLE OF FILTH make their appearance accompanied by melodic guitars and really harsch vocals by Mirai, I could easily place it on their 1993 Deathlike Silence Productions debut “Scorn Defeat”, semiotically speaking. Or the sparkling Heavy Metal “Shikabane”, where the bongos are thrown in the middle to give another exotic feeling. “Satsui-Geshi No Ato”, where the rhythmic theatrical utterance of the bespoken word collides with the lyrical song, while the Maiden guitars lead to a mysterious trip hop path. Or “Fuyu Ga Kuru”, which could easily be part of a Tarantino movie soundtrack, certainly Miyazaki. Even “Mayonaka No Kaii”, with the completely folky progressive orgy that takes place somewhere in the middle.

The only thing that is certain is that you will not get bored listening to SIGH. In this, I would say, that they are similar to their compatriots BORIS. Here, of course, we are referring to avant garde Black Metal, with Kawashima being, along with Sverd and SOLEFALD, the cornerstone exponents of the idiom. “Shiki” is an almost perfect mix of all the metal and progressive influences of the group without leaning in favor of any element. Its energy is of such a form, that it can transmit images from the second wave of Black Metal – let’s not forget that they move on its fringes and maybe many started listening to Black Metal because of them. If your ears are open and receptive, you will find many interesting things in “Shiki”, there is plenty of material for everyone. I certainly enjoyed listening to it.

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Dimos Karadimos
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