Live Show: Sacramentum, Bewitched (Kyttaro Club, Athens, Greece – 5/3/2023)

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Who would have ever expected that in the year 2023 we would be able to go to a concert where two historical names of the Black/Death Swedish sound of the 90’s would join forces to play in their entirety records that established them in the consciousness of the metal public? And yet, it happened on the evening of Sunday, March 5th, at Kyttaro Club in Athens!

Truth is that we are still trying to recover from this darkly magical concert with the old-school and cult aesthetic that filled our Black metal souls with energy! In a worldwide exclusive and only in Athens, live anthems from the magnificent albums “Diabolical Desecration”, “Pentagram Prayer” and “Far Away from the Sun” were heard, one after the other!

The ancient flame began to flow on stage with the storming performance of BEWITCHED. Already predisposed to what was to come, since the announcement about playing the historic first two albums, everyone present was looking forward to get transferred back to 1996 and experience a concert that had been postponed for decades. And chaos ensued, as “Born of Flames” began, having made the necessary introduction by Vargher (vocals, guitar) expressing the band’s joy of finally coming to our country. Next to him stood Wrathyr (Kristoffer Olivius), frontman/bassist/singer of the equally awesome NAGLFAR. Amazing sound, well bonded band, full of passion, as if they play live every day, they unleash anthems like “Bloodthirst”, “Blade Of The Ripper”, “Demondawn”, “Triumph Of Evil” and the audience goes nuts! Mosh pits, headbanging and……”It’s time to join the Hellcult”, as Vargher commanded us!

It is truly unique how BEWITCHED manages and combines so effortlessly Black metal with cult elements – unbelievably transferred on stage – with heavy references and theatrics that connect perfectly. MOTORHEAD and VENOM are clearly present in the whole musical climate, of course! Τhe long-awaited moment arrives, with another masterpiece playing on, Hard as Steel (Hot as Hell)”, bringing unspeakable energy to the audience, who solemnly participate in what is happening! The band triumphantly exited to widely raised hands and applause, closing with “Cremation of the Cross”. A promise was made for their return on Greek soil soon, as they have a new album in the works…

After a half hour of necessary break, we salute the ancient and infernal entity of SACRAMENTUM, as Nisse Karlen himself (vocals, bass) used to say. A frontman who draws attention to himself effortlessly, in a theatrical-furious presence. Bathed in blood through a cup he has with him and raises since the beginning of their performance to all of us. He delivers every word that comes out of his mouth ecstatically and with possessed passion making you feel like you are really in a ritual! We were all looking at each other, exclaiming about the mystifying moments we were living as one chant followed another from the monumental album – a counterweight to DISSECTION’s massive “Storm of the Light’s Bane” – “Far away from the Sun”. It may not have had the same response from the general public, but sound connoisseurs know well that this particular album is a cornerstone of the Swedish melodic Black Metal sound and a timeless -now classic gem- which we had the opportunity to enjoy live! It’s fantastic that anthems to chaos and primal darkness like “‘When Night Surrounds Me”, “Cries From A Restless Soul”‘, “‘Obsolete Tears”‘ were played live, leaving the world in awe! The moment Nisse shouts In the name of Satan, blood shall be spilled”, porosis reached other heights of shiver with the crowd banging their heads and raising devil horns! Amazing performance from all the band members, showing a fully professional appearance with theatricality, dark and nostalgic old-school 90’s atmosphere and a feeling that immerses you in their black pantheon!

It’s obvious that all the musicians put their soul into this live. We are talking about a live that will be long remembered and talked about in the future by those who attended Kyttaro Club this evening. It was definitely a performance that all the attendants have been longing for throughout the years! In my opinion, everyone who was there fully understands that what is written here is not an exaggeration at all. Closing up with the song “Darkness Falls For Me” and Nisse greets all of us, shaking hands to the people below, giving the feeling of ultimate happiness. The club is full and everyone inside smiles by heart with the unholy euphoria running through their veins for both of the bands’ performances! I hope that we will have the chance to enjoy them live again in the near future, keeping the promise they announced to us!

In conclusion, we experienced a wonderful evening with two Swedish bands-legends who had never come to Greece! I’m sure ALL of us and ALL of them slept happily that night…

Live Correspondent: Filomeni Riga
Cover Artwork: Alexandros Soultatos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Photos/Videos: Alexandros Soultatos
Date: March 5th 2023
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Footnote from management:

On Sunday, March 5th, 2023, we experienced a concert that we have been waiting for decades! The Swedes SACRAMENTUM and BEWITCHED appeared in front of the Greek audience, for the first time in their career! THE GALLERY obviously gave a thunderous presence, with its members firmly on the ramparts and in the front line of the pit! The sound was the best ever heard in Kyttaro club! It was a wonderful evening with friends, Metal flowing from everywhere and a great show with the two bands “on fire” and the Greek audience going crazy! We want more!!!


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