ROTTING CHRIST reveal animated video for new single, “Primal Resurrection”, off deluxe edition of “Pro Xtristou”.

You are currently viewing ROTTING CHRIST reveal animated video for new single, “Primal Resurrection”, off deluxe edition of “Pro Xtristou”.

Brothers and sisters of the sacred metal conclave, the time has come once more to unite under the blackened banner of ROTTING CHRIST. With hearts ablaze and spirits untamed, Sakis Tollis and his brother Themis proudly present the towering, gothic anthem “Primal Resurrection” off the newly released deluxe edition of “Pro Xtristou”.

While Rotting Christ proudly hail from Greece, “Pro Xtrisou” has brought their iconic sound all over the world. The album has climbed all the way to #7 on Billboard‘s Hard Music Album chart.

“Pro Xristou” (“Before Christ” in Greek), serves as a fervent tribute to the last Pagan kings who resisted the onslaught of Christianity, guarding their ancient values and knowledge. In this thematic odyssey, ROTTING CHRIST delves into the legacies of historical figures such as Flavius Claudius Julianus and Nordic mythological kings, embodying the might of Pagan wisdom in the face of Christian adversity. The album encapsulates the essence of ROTTING CHRIST’s signature style – melodic, yet harsh at times – reinventing themselves yet again, while remaining rooted in their 35-year legacy.

In the dimly lit catacombs of Extreme Metal, one name stands as a monolith: ROTTING CHRIST. Sakis Tolis and his brother Themis started this band together back in 1987. In the three decades since, these Greek titans have left their blackened imprint all over the metal world. They’ve released 13 studio albums and played more than 1,300 concerts around the globe. Underneath all this hard work, ROTTING CHRIST have but one vision – an urge to not only push the boundaries of Extreme Metal, but to keep reinventing themselves along the way.

Now that ROTTING CHRIST are closing in on four decades, some followers might’ve wondered if there was any sacred ground left for them to conquer. But “Pro Xristou” is a testament to a band that’s still on the rise.

“This album was inspired by the might of ancient pagan wisdom”, says Sakis. “It’s a tribute to those who resisted the coming of Christianity, which destroyed all the values, traditions and knowledge of the ancient world”.

“Pro Xristou” track listing:

  1. Pro Xristou (Προ Χριστού)
  2. The Apostate
  3. Like Father, Like Son
  4. The Sixth Day
  5. La Lettera Del Diavolo
  6. The Farewell
  7. Pix Lax Dax
  8. Pretty World, Pretty Dies
  9. Yggdrasil
  10. Saoirse
  11. Primal Resurrection (Bonus Track) (5:32) – Deluxe Edition Only
  12. All For One (Bonus Track) (3:37) – Deluxe Edition Only

You can watch the animated video for “Primal Resurrection” below:

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