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Year: 2021
Total Time: 01:06:07
Label: AFM

Thirteenth album for the talented Italians RHAPSODY OF FIRE, a band that has gone through several difficulties along the way, but that always found a way to remain consistent and creative. With their previous album “The Eighth Mountain”, RHAPSODY OF FIRE opened a new chapter, since both regarding the composition and in general as a whole, their album was clearly a step ahead of the mediocre albums they presented from 2010 onwards. The departure of Fabio Lione didn’t seem to affect the band, since Giacomo Voli proved to be a vocalist of similar high level, and so, with expectations high, fans of symphonic power metal were eagerly awaiting “Glory For Salvation”.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s new album was released by AFM Records in late November, and is the second part of a trilogy that began with “The Eighth Mountain”. The trilogy deals with the fighting spirit and bravery of life, with the hero recognizing his mistakes, desiring to correct them, and seeking redemption through the fight for survival. Interesting concept… The band has remained compositionally consistent over the last decade (since Luca Turilli’s departure), in the hands of the sole remaining member of the “old guard” Alex Staropoli. Therefore, it’s a big bet for him, since RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s biggest enemy over the years has been repetitiveness.

“Glory For Salvation” sounds quite fresh in many parts. Cinematic, pompous and imposing, it picks up where its predecessor leaves off, although slightly inferior. “Son Of Vengeance”, gets us right into the mood, with its appealing introduction and light mid tempo beat. The intensity ramps up on “The Kingdom Of Ice”, one of the album’s finest compositions, with the real climax coming only on the third, title track, which is my favourite by the way. Quite nostalgic, it reminded me (especially in its last two minutes) of those unforgettable times of the Italians’ first two excellent albums. 

The next track I would like to highlight is the 11-minute “Abyss Of The Pain II”. And undoubtedly, the term “epic” has been overused to describe both the style and the level of many RHAPSODY OF FIRE songs, but what happens in this track is absolutely massive and in terms of instrumentation simply amazing. Just give it a listen, it is the definition of symphonic metal, on top of a very interesting range of vocal abilities. A track straight out of “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” you could easily admit. And finally, capturing the highlights of the album, “Magic Signs” and “Chains Of Destiny”, completely different from each other, with the first one introducing us to the band’s most serene moments, and the second with a great speed, and a vibe that is the absolute trademark of the Italians. And not to forget the closing: the Italian-flavoured “Un’ Ode Per L’ Eroe”. One of the most beautiful dynamic ballads I happened to hear from 2021 releases.

Nice album. It made me go back in time in many parts, nostalgic for the magical moments of the group’s first three epic albums. The downside is that it doesn’t go the extra mile like its predecessor did. Otherwise, fans of the band and those who like symphonic fairy tale metal in general are going to “piss their pants” many times over with joy.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Kostas Kafritsas
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  1. Jordan

    This is a masterpiece of symphonic euro power metal. It’s a 10.The reviewer obviously is stuck 20 years ago and prefers other types of metal.

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