POWERWOLF release official live video for “Glaubenskraft”.

You are currently viewing POWERWOLF release official live video for “Glaubenskraft”.

One of only three songs with German lyrics in POWERWOLF’s discography is “Glaubenskraft”. Celebrating its “live” premiere via the cinematic streaming event The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event, the song proves to be a real highlight in the live set of the band, ready to be unleashed to the masses at one of POWERWOLF’s massive tours or festival headline shows this year. The incredible sound production highlights this live version and turns it into a standout hymn for each fan of the genre.

Cover artwork by Zsofia Dankova

The song, well placed at the end of the second chapter of the cinematic streaming event, called “Sin”, shoves a finger into the wound that the church has created for itself in recent years. The blank looking nuns in the video hovering while the band performs on an oversized burning cross speaks louder than any words.

POWERWOLF have stood at the peak of superlative, epic metal moments for years, but what they present with this streaming event surpasses anything seen before. After months of detailed work, a story was crafted and presented in several chapters based on the stunning music and elaborately staged cinematic scenes. All show effects, actors and stage settings work hand in hand with each other and bring the medium of live music to a level never seen before. From battles with clergy to stories of nuns, monks and burning angels, cinematic images immediately capture the viewer.

“The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event”, will be out on July 8th through Napalm Records. It will be available in numerous formats including a 96-page earbook, 48-page mediabook, deluxe box, vinyl box and other elaborate formats. The mediabook format will feature POWERWOLF’s legendary headline show from Wacken 2019, Hallowed Be The Holy Ground, in full as a special bonus. The show is also included in the vinyl box

“The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event” track listing:

Chapter I – Temptation

  1. Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme
  2. Faster Than the Flame
  3. Venom Of Venus
  4. Stossgebet
  5. Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend

Chapter II – Sin

  1. Dancing with the Dead
  2. Cardinal Sin
  3. Resurrection By Erection
  4. We Drink Your Blood
  5. Glaubenskraft

Chapter III – Confession

  1. Fire & Forgive
  2. Beast of Gévaudan
  3. Incense & Iron
  4. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

Chapter IV – Forgiveness

  1. Amen & Attack
  2. Army of the Night
  3. Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
  4. Armata Strigoi
  5. Epilogue / Monumental Mass Theme

You can watch the official live video for “Glaubenskraft” below:

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