Pinch Harmonics With Wide Vibrato

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Hello maniacs!

Happy new year and all the best for 2021!!!!
In this new lesson we are exploring the *pinch harmonics along with wide vibrato.

This technique will add a lot of character and emotion into your playing and when you are using in your solos or melodies, it will make them to stand out of the ordinary, because you get this crazy wild screaming sound that makes all the difference for the metal sound that you are looking for.

In this video I’m playing A minor pentatonic and natural minor runs and also, I add some chromaticism’s to add more color into my sound. You can produce pinch harmonics all over the neck but you need to search also yourself where is the sweet spots so you can create this sound effortlessly.

Grab your guitar now and try to play your first pinch harmonic and have fun with it!!!

Αll the best,
Marios Iliopoulos

* The key to executing a pinch harmonic is all in the thumb. You’ll start by holding your pick normally, and then adjust your grip so that your thumb hovers over the pointed end of the pick, becoming an extension of the pick rather than a means for holding it.
Once you have the grip down, you’ll want your thumb to be one with your pick attack, which means your thumb will literally graze the string the microsecond after your pick.

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