Osserp – Els Nous Cants De La Sibil-la

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Year: 2022
Total Time: 42.30
Label: Eternal Juggernaut Records

Darkness, death, mythical creatures, blackness… these are some of the words that can describe the new album of OSSERP “Els Nous Cants De La Sibil-la”! Nothing less. The Catalan Death Black Metallers return to discography with their third full length album, possibly harder and better in an artistic point of view.

The album is perfect for the hardcore metallers since they will be able to enjoy and value it a lot. From top, “Cavalcant L’Ossa Menor”, to bottom, “Lluna Negra” it is obvious that Black Death Metal is the main ingredient with the imposing guitars from Dani and Benjamin and the fiery drums from Alex giving the tone. The animalistic cries and growls from Xavi and Vali just enhance the experience. All of the songs follow a certain pattern and style but each song includes some kind of trick that makes it unique. This could be a guitar solo, a technical drum play or some hints of a melodic part. The only thing that never changes throughout the album is the fact that the listeners must try really hard to keep their head in place due to the relentless headbanging.

OSSERP do credit to the Spanish metal music scene (yes, Spain is Metal too!!!) with a very meticulous, well planned and executed album. I strongly believe that this is the perfect album for the fans of the specific genre.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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