Nightrage – Studio Report 2020

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Text: Marios Iliopoulos

As we all experience these crazy times with the mighty Covid virus, we decided that it was time to make a new album. This time we have chosen to go back and record the drums at Studio Fredman with our friend and guru of the Melodic Death Metal sound, Fredrik Nordstrom! This is the place where we started as a band! Since we now have a really strong line-up with great guys,

I thought that it would be a great idea to give Dino this chance and the experience to work with one of the best producers in the world! It would be the first time for Dino to record drums for NIGHTRAGE and work with Fredrik, so I thought that this could be a great recipe for success!!!

Day 1 – 7th August 2020

At the beginning we arrived at the studio after a long bus ride. We met my friend Peter that loan us his snare for the recording, and then Fredrik joined us! It was really nice to meet him after such a long time. We did the drum soundcheck in no time and Dino did four songs instantly! It went really well. Fredrik was super excited and loved the performance and our new songs!

Day 2 – 8th August 2020

The second day we’ ve recorded three songs. Dino performance was flawless once again! The drum sound that Fredrik gave us was super good! It really fitted the new songs of NIGHTRAGE. We got a visit also from Soren new Drummer of DREAM EVIL and we’ve cooked for both of them a nice meal after an exhausting drumming day…

Day 3 – 9th August 2020

In the last day, Dino has recorded four songs and he completed the mission of recording eleven songs in 3 days!! He really gave everything this last day and we were so happy of the results, as we feel his groove and nice chops really make the new songs so much better! Fredrik was so happy with the drum performance and told Dino that he thinks he is one of the top ten drummers ever recorded at Studio Fredman! Those words left us speechless!!!!

Some words from Dino:

We are so happy that we got the chance to work with such a legendary producer! Fredrik and Marios have worked together man times, a lot of years ago, from the EXHUMATION days and after. We had the best of time, including some great talks with Fredrik, drinking beers in the night, talking about metal and life in general. We can’t wait now to start recording the rest of the instruments and then mix and master the new album with Fredrik in the beginning of November.

Text: Marios Iliopoulos
Photographs & Videos: Marios Iliopoulos
Cover Artwork:  Michalis Dimitropoulos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Date: 10th October, 2020
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