Iced Earth – Enter The Realm E.P. (reissue)

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(Century Media)

Total Playing Time: 20:23

It has been said for many years that ICED EARTH could stand high among the big IRON MAIDEN and METALICA names. Unfortunately, there have been stunts in the band’s career. Bad conditions such as rearrangements to members and changes in the band, mainly in the singer’s position mainly caused by the cyclothymic character of Schaffer. Nevertheless, these musical levels also resemble the above-mentioned bands. ICED EARTH beyond the first diamonds that were released, always looked for something more and for the improvement of their sound, however the result was releases more difficult to be heard, comparing to their old albums.

In recent years, this situation has been happily changed and ICED EARTH have come back creatively and triumphantly back to the metal map, making constantly sold out shows. Schaffer has also come back stronger through his weaknesses and has overcome his difficulties and his demons. He has also found his lost support in the face of singer Stu Block and he’s not forced to make hurried albums pressured from the record label.

Now the band has a spirit and this is obvious, with a strong proof of their previous album. Of course, there is no exception and “In the Realm E.P.”. The “streak” of quality continues through this release and we are now ensured that when we see the forthcoming new release of ICED EARTH, this will something good.

As Schaffer has left behind his personal misfortunes, offers us, as a completely scrupulous character, with the improved version of his first historical demo, a strategic move that has a dual purpose. Firstly, for commercial reasons to keep the “die hard” fans in touch between releases (because obviously there will be no new material soon), but also as a nostalgic statement that it definitely turns a new page. Moreover, this release with the original demo performances of ICED EARTH’s first album, acts as an antechamber for the new fans to get to know the band in its first steps.


  • Enter the Realm (0:56)
  • Colors (5:04)
  • Nightmares (3:42)
  • To Curse the Sky (4:45)
  • Solitude (1:43)
  • Iced Earth (5:33)

Nikos Mathiopoulos

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