Havamal – Tales From Yggdrasil

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 48:38
Label: Art Gates Records

Sweden and melodic Death Metal themed by the Scandinavian mythology. A favorite recipe this time from HAVAMAL, who released their first album this year, entitled “Tales From Yggdrasil”, following an EP in 2017 and two digital singles from the album. Let’s see what we have here…

I said at the beginning, that it’s a favorite recipe, but it’s also a dangerous one. Some may be wondering why but it is easy to explain. After AMON AMARTH’s huge success in this particular area of melodic Death Metal, it is very difficult to distinguish a band and say for example “yes this is definitely HAVAMAL”, so the band had to overcome this “problem”. Did they overcome it? Let’s say partly yes and I will explain right away… They have keyboards, which when they are used it is like having a death metal version of NIGHTWISH (this would make NIGHTWISH a better band and I’d like to see it done in a parallel universe). Then they have blast beats. This gives them a touch of Black Metal atmosphere, but without the band going to those roads. They have better production and sound, if you will in parts better than AMON AMARTH and this gives them a good boost. They also have very nice solos. Really all of them were very enjoyable. These are the points that the “partly yes” part is applied to. On the other hand now, they lose at an important factor and I am using the term “lose” very lightly. When it comes to their AMON AMARTH influences, we are talking almost about a copy/paste situation. This is where most bands lose it, but I personally don’t mind at all. One has to stay true to the genre, without sacrificing the feeling of the music in the shrine of money and success. Some will say that I am pointing fingers. Yes I am! Well done guys!

Give them a shot. They are part of the new blood that the genre needs and it won’t be odd to me, if they would be the new kings on the throne. They may lose some points on the subject of authenticity, but the feeling is there and it is strong.

Rating: 7,50/10

Nick Samios

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