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(Symmetric Records)

Total Time: 39:18

Dark Metallers GENTIHAA is a new band from Athens-Greece and “Reverse Entropy” is their debut album. The record is released by Symmetric Records and the production of the album was made by Bob Katsionis (who also participates here by playing keyboard) that made a wonderful work, preparing the listener that he’ll hear something good here…

GENTIHAA may describe their sound as Dark Metal, but if you listen to “Reverse Entropy” you will disagree with this characterization. The album is consisted of eight tracks in the vein of melodic/symphonic Death/Black Metal. In their songs they have also elements from other Metal genres such as Power and Progressive metal. I would say that the band is juggling between Extreme metal and traditional metal. We should also emphasize in the fact that at two songs of the album (“Command” and “Sigularity”), Tom Englund of EVERGREY makes his guest appearance at the vocal section. Lyrically “Reverse Entropy” is a concept album that includes a story that negotiates the lives of eight random people who, with the help of eight pills, acquire “superpowers” that allow them to see the upcoming destruction of the earth, trying to prevent it.

GENTIHAA dare to do this mixture of metal sounds and the result is good for them! The album will not make you feel bored as the songs retain the interest of the listener with their complexity. GENTIHAA are recommended to all fans of melodic Death/Black Metal. Fans of recent DIMMU BORGIR will love GENTIHAA also.

Rating: 7/10

Nikos Manousis

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