Diviner – Realms Of Time

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(Ulterium Records)
Total Running Time: 44:11

DIVINER is somehow the personal means of communication and expression of the familiar to everyone, Mr. Yannis Papanikolaou. Of course, I will not go into the “dark” past of Papanikolaou, as in the recent years, Yannis has spent a very creative period of his life. Another tough example of this is the new album of his “personal vehicle”, DIVINER.

As a “stylobate” of a true power heavy metal band, through his many years of work, once again continues from where he stopped with his first album. He delivers a well-orchestrated work with strong moments like “Against The Grain”, “The Earth, The Moon, The Sun”, and “Cast Down In Fire” as a natural effortless sequel to their first album.

The sound is in the same style, which is strictly aimed at the fans of HELLOWEEN, FIREWIND and especially of the European Power Metal with very intense the ICED EARTH and the “new METALLICA’s” elements. Taking into consideration that Papanikolaou has much greater potential as a singer, here he is consciously “limited” in order to get better into the music that is quickly structured. Highlights of the album are undoubtedly “Time” and “The Voice From Within”, reminding the Swedish TAD MOROSE. They nicely close the album with a nice ballad “Stargate”, reminding old good Rock n ‘Roll times.

Once again, good and above all much appreciated the effort of DIVINER and Yannis’ as a whole! I do not think it would be foolhardy to “darken” their sound a little bit at their next job and perhaps remove that “plastic” sound from the guitars, trying to be more compact in the production, with more mid tempo rhythms. I just have the curiosity of how it would be …how about you???


Nikos Mathiopoulos


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