DIABLERY: Pre-listening Of The Album “Candles” – 2021

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The Greek Black Metallers DIABLERY invited various metal magazines and zines to participate in a small promo event of their new album “Candles”.  The Gallery could not have missed this event, as a show of support for a local group!

I was the lucky participant, on behalf of our web-magazine, and got to hear the album at the “Soundtrap Studios” for the first time, spending some time with the band.

It began with my arrival to the location where the pre-listening of this new release would take place. There, I was welcomed by the members of the band, who led to the audition room. At this point I have to mention that “Candles” album was recorded at Sound Majesty Studio, Void of Cosmos Productions and D Studio. It was produced, mixed and mastered at Void of Cosmos Productions.

Starting with the album itself, my opinion is that it is one of the highlights of this year.  Despite the length of this release (it is around an hour long), the way that each song flowed, with the fluid alterations from classic Black Metal explosions to low-toned atmospheric moments, it will be really interesting for the listener.

It should be mentioned that, in their new task, DIABLERY are not afraid to go beyond the typical Black Metal forms, with some experimentation and with the special arranging ways of each member of the band. Somehow, the end result stands out from the countless releases of this sub-genre of metal music in this year, remaining dark, as any fan of this style would expect.

It is an album that can easily be played live by the band in its entity, because it is a musically (and lyrically) complete experience.

After the audition, time was given for discussion with the band, exchanging opinions about the album, as they were eager to treat us to food and drinks…. I must say that all of the band members were very welcoming and more than willing to talk about their project, as well as spend time with their guests, always with honesty, making them very pleasant company and as such, was a very pleasant experience overall.

The new album will be released digitally and on CD on December 17th, and the band has already publicized three of these new songs. 

Text: Stefanos Prodromidis
Photographs: Stefanos Prodromidis
Cover Artwork:  Alexandros Soultatos
Design & Editing: Stefanos Prodromidis
Date: 1st December, 2021
External Link: DIABLERY – Facebook Page
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