CLOAK unveil music video for new single “The Holy Dark”.

You are currently viewing CLOAK unveil music video for new single “The Holy Dark”.

Atlanta’s Extreme Metal quartet CLOAK, has unveiled an official music video for “The Holy Dark”, directed by Scott Taysom and Nic Adams. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Black Flame Eternal”, due for release on May 26th via Season Of Mist.

In an era that is designed to beat down and weaken the individual, “Black Flame Eternal” is an album that represents strength, empowerment, and total opposition. With mounting pressure to engage in modern societal tribalism, CLOAK invokes a spiritual rebellion that exists beyond good and evil with album number three.

“All of our albums are created with a spiritual focus, dealing with how we see life, death, and everything in between. I think the earlier records dealt more with the mysteries that surrounded delving deeper into the world of dark spirituality, whereas the new material has taken what we’ve learned and used it to move forward with force”, says CLOAK frontman Scott Taysom of the record’s underlying philosophy. “ ‘Black Flame Eternal’ is a statement of spiritual empowerment in every sense. For the first time we want people to grasp on to this sentiment, instead of keeping it completely personal within our world of CLOAK. The themes and the sheer power can be felt much more within the songs that this album contains.”

Cover artwork by Jordan Barlow

And he adds: “Our goal is complete spiritual liberation, which is where true power and freedom exists. We’ve reached a point in history where people are forced to pick a side or to join a team, so to speak. Cloak stands in complete opposition to this. We aim to be a giant middle finger in the face of the empty modern world.”

With no borders or boundaries, CLOAK is ready to embark on this new chapter as the leader of its own pack. The band bows to no one, forging its own path as one of the governing metal forces of this decade as ‘Black Flame Eternal’ promises to scorch the earth and leave its hallowed mark.

“Black Flame Eternal” track listing:

  1. Ethereal Fire
  2. With Fury and Allegiance
  3. Shadowlands
  4. Invictus
  5. Seven Thunders
  6. Eye of the Abyss
  7. The Holy Dark
  8. Heavenless
  9. Black Flame Eternal

You can watch the official music video for “The Holy Dark” below:

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