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(Nuclear Blast Records)

Total Time: 46:55

Their name is well known, and their value has been proven for the last 26 years! Since Finland’s CHILDREN OF BODOM (COB) released their debut “Something Wild”, they have given a clear picture of what is about to follow. They are currently the third largest commercial name in their country (in terms of the Metal / Rock scene), with more than 250,000 of sales, being one of the biggest names in the field of melodic Death Metal.

In 2019, COB returned to action with their new “Hexed” release. “Hexed” is the tenth studio album by the Finns and the first album with guitarist Daniel Freyberg in their line-up (officially joining the band in 2016), as well as the second album (after “Relentless Reckless Forever”) that doesn’t have a song with the word “Bodom” in its title!

The band’s style is familiar, perhaps a little milder in places with a maturity and freshness coming out of it. The compositions are above average, in a set that will keep you going and want to listen to it carefully again, finding things you haven’t noticed before. Also, this is the band’s first album from “Follow the Reaper”, which includes so many neoclassical elements in its compositions.

If you look at the album as a whole, it’s a good mix of different styles. With eleven songs in about 45 minutes, “Hexed” has adopted a more “conservative” approach, with slower tracks interfering here and there, making it more appealing without becoming boring. Songs like “Glass Houses”, “Hecate’s Nightmare” as also the self-titled one will satisfy both the listener and the fans, without missing some fillers, which cast the quality of the album, remaining a good release, in the band’s directory.

Small flaws in the album can be traced at the mix, as the drums sit high enough to drown out the vocals and other instruments. An example of this is the opening song “This Road”. Special mention has to be made for the keyboards, which are really great, culminating in their ‘spooky’ style in ‘Hecate’s Nightmare’.

A good release from the great CHILDREN OF BODOM, justifying why they remain at the top of the charts, not only in their country but worldwide.

Rating: 7.5/10

Fanouris Exintavelonis

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