THE MAGUS: Pre-listening of the new album “Βυσσοδομώντας” – 2023

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The press prelistening of a new album is one of the most interesting occasions a “press” guy can come across. Especially when it has to do with one of the most iconic figures of Black Metal in Greece, The Magus. On Friday, 1/9 we had the chance to listen for the first time the debut album of the new project of The Magus called «Βυσσοδομώντας» (meaning conspiring in the depths). The album’s release date is the 31st of October. The other members of the band, apart ftom The Magus, are El (guitars) and Maelstrom (drums).

The evening begun with the best possible way in Ignite Studio, owned by George Emmanuel (also the producer of the album) since we were welcomed by the warm smile of Jessice from Future Cult PR and by the enthusiastic band members. The decoration of the studio was inspired by a funeral with “κόλλυβα”, a special food Greeks serve after a funeral, crosses but also fingerfood and an amazing red wine called … “The Magus”. When we all gathered, we started the prelistening ritual. I call it ritual since The Magus explained the concept behind the album, the lyrics and focused on some special songs that needed further explanation.

The album is dedicated to Lucifer and the fact that he is pissed with humanity and wants to destroy and reborn the world. Each song has its own identity and carried a special characteristis that makes it stand out. The band and the producer wanted a not so clean production but more of a warm outcome and a special atmosphere that would reminds us of a horror movie. In the next dayes you will read a more detailed album review but for now we can tell that this album delivered us a Blues Metal song, a song dedicated to the female force of nature, traditional organs, chorus parts and of course some good old black metal moments. Moreover, there is a surprising connection with a NECROMANTIA song and some memorable collaborations with King Dude, Manos Six, Hel Pyre and IDVex. One thing is certain…The Magus managed to create a Black Metal albm that could easily draw the attention of a broader audience resulting in the creation of a new fanbase for the band and the specific metal genre.

The evening ended after some really interesting discussion about music and more , plenty of wine and a cheerful mood by everyone.

P.S.: The first single of the album is the song “Lux Tenebrarum: The Illuminating Darkness” which you can find below!

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