ENTOMBED To Record First New Album Since 2007

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Entombed, the version of the band that features original drummer Nicke Andersson and guitarists Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund and Alex Hellid, hasn’t released a new record since 2007’s Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments. The band also split into two in 2014, with original vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov taking along a few members from the 2000s to form Entombed A.D.

Now after all that litigation, Hellid tells That Drummer Guy that Entombed is going to record some new music.

“We are, and have been since we started working together again, working on new stuff, just trying to find some time to record it. And, actually, we were talking about recording last year, but then Nicke moved house, and with that, he had to dismantle his studio. So now, he’s ready to go again. I actually spoke to him earlier this week, and he’s, like, ‘Yeah, I’m good to go.’ So the plan is to start recording stuff that we have [written] already and see if we can maybe put stuff out — not wait around and do four weeks in a row, ’cause that’s harder to come by these days. So we’ll actually go back to sort of what you do in the beginning of a band, which I find interesting, to just… Okay, do a session here and record one, two, three songs and finish them, and then maybe even put them out.

“So we’ll see. And then maybe put an album together at the end of a couple of sessions, but not delay releasing new music just because we haven’t finished 12 songs. So I think the best thing for us to do would be to just not worry too much about finishing an album but just getting in there and doing what we did back in the beginning — just record the songs that we have, go to the next couple of songs. Yeah, pretty much what we did on the first album. That’s actually what I think will happen. ‘Cause back then we did three or four demos, I think, and then we did the album. And we released the demos, obviously, and some of the demos we re-recorded, of course, for the album. So without having it planned out in stone, roughly that’s what I see as a possibility to be able to do this, and I think it’s the right way to do it as well. So, we’re excited.”

Entombed has not named any official members outside the three aforementioned, but performing live with them recently were Morbus Chron vocalist Robert Andersson and bassist Edvin Aftonfalk.

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